Thanks to the cooperation agreement between the Magyar Nemzeti Bank and the Széchenyi István University (SZIE), an English-language doctoral program in the field of business and organizational sciences was launched at the Széchenyi István University in Győr in 2016.

The basic idea of the program is to respond to the challenges of academia and business with a brand-new type of course in English and using a trans- and multidisciplinary approach. The aim of the training is to provide doctoral students with a wide perspective and open thinking to make them prepared to play a leading role in the socio-economic life of Hungary and the Carpathian Basin region. The training takes place on a weekend basis, so it is also available for full-time employees.

Both specializations of education provide unique training in Hungary:

  • the Transdisciplinary specialization enables students for real problem solving by providing the knowledge of different disciplines (economics, complex systems, cultural anthropology),
  • the Management specialization places special emphasis on studying the management of production and service activities and supply chains.

Through the involvement of excellent domestic and internationally recognized foreign university lecturers, participants receive guidance that allows them to make significant progress in their research topic and think in a complex way on global, geoeconomic and geopolitical issues using a combination of academic knowledge and practice.

From the students' point of view, it is especially important that they can spend half a year in another academic institution, take new subjects during the PhD program there, as well as enter research programmes and the corporate environment. They may face real-world tasks to develop professionalism, encounter manufacturing problems, and solve them.