The Magyar Nemzeti Bank is committed to strengthen its relations with the world's most prominent financial and economic institutions and to expand its international cooperation network. To this end, following the examples of several European central banks – such as the European Central Bank and the central banks of Germany, France, Italy and Austria – the MNB set up foreign representative offices in 2015 with the aim of representing the Magyar Nemzeti Bank in the designated host countries in order to strengthen professional cooperation with partner institutions. The offices in Hamburg, Paris, Rome and New York City have been operated by small teams of analysts with expertise in the economic and financial relations of the host countries.

The main mission of the representative offices were to represent the central bank in the host countries, to better embed the Magyar Nemzeti Bank into the international scientific and academic fora, and to gain further insight into the complexity of the global financial market and economic events. In April 2019 the MNB Board concluded that the offices had achieved their goals, providing a solid base to continue their work from the MNB headquarters in Budapest as of 1 June 2019.