2016-05-31 at 15.29.01.pngCompetitiveness and Growth is the second volume of the book series of the Magyar Nemzeti Bank on economics and monetary policy. It was published in 2016 and edited by Dániel Palotai and Barnabás Virág, Executive Directors of the MNB. The MNB decided on launching this book series in compliance with its mandate, as its statutory tasks include the development of financial literacy and this way economic thinking in Hungary and – without jeopardising its primary objective – the support of the economic policy of the Government.

Complying with its statutory tasks, with the volume Competitiveness and Growth, the MNB intends to contribute to the collective thinking about sustainable growth and competitiveness. The book provides an overview of domestic and international experiences as well as a comprehensive picture of the most important determinants of economic convergence. In addition, it identifies the areas where progress is the most necessary, and gives proposals for reforms that can contribute to the increasing of competitiveness.

Dániel Palotai – Barnabás Virág: How to achieve successful economic convergence? (A few words about the MNB’s book entitled ‘Competitiveness and Growth’)

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