On the occasion of the Budapest Eurasia Forum 2022, the Magyar Nemzeti Bank (MNB), the central bank of Hungary published the new volume of studies within the unique series started back in 2021. The new issue is titled “The Future is Now –Eurasian central banks at the forefront of innovation”, and benefits from the strong international partnerships of the central bank, involving authors from China, Hungary, Republic of Korea, France, Germany, Portugal, Kazakhstan, and the Bank for International Settlements Innovation Hub. All the 11 studies discuss hot topics of the technological progress in Eurasia and present the activities of central banks that are now based on a long-term, innovative strategy that emphasises sustainable development. The study volume is helpful to look at the programmes and initiatives of the most significant central banks that address sustainability, green finance, digital transformation and increased social responsibility, which provide the foundations for a future based on long-term sustainable development.