In compliance with its statutory mandate, the Magyar Nemzeti Bank (MNB) considers the development of financial literacy in Hungary as one of its essential tasks. Therefore, with its available means it intends to facilitate economic education as well as the widening and enhancement of financial literacy. The MNB supports the achievement of this goal using a wide range of instruments, a fundamental element of which is the book series on economics and monetary policy launched in 2015.

With the volumes of the series, the MNB simultaneously contributes to the renewal of financial literacy and economic thinking in Hungary as well as to the collective thinking about the priority areas of economic policy. The first volume of the series, Economic Balance and Growth (Egyensúly és növekedés), was written by the MNB’s Governor, György Matolcsy. The second volume, entitled Competitiveness and Growth (Versenyképesség és növekedés), was edited by Dániel Palotai and Barnabás Virág, Executive Directors of the MNB. The MNB is planning to publish further volumes of this series.