On 2 March 2020, with the successful launch of the instant payment service, a new era began in domestic banking in Hungary. In order to implement the Hungarian model, which is quite unique at the international level as well, an extraordinary development project was needed, as a result of which consumers can continuously take advantage of credit transfer transactions being exe-cuted in 5 seconds all year round. Accordingly, the establishment of the system, as the most sig-nificant development in the history of domestic payments so far, was preceded by several years of hard work and preparation, in which all participants of the Hungarian payment market were involved. From the Central Bank of Hungary and GIRO, the Hungarian automated clearinghouse responsible for the operation of the central infrastructure, through various public institutions, such as the Hungarian State Treasury and the National Tax and Customs Administration, to banks and other payment service providers, as well as the IT development companies that support the payment sector, countless institutions worked together to achieve the predetermined goal. Thanks to this wide-ranging cooperation, domestic payments were raised to a new level on 2 March 2020, thus helping to improve the competitiveness of the sector and the economy as a whole. This publication was created in order to gather the recollections of the key players in-volved in the joint work and to commemorate this extraordinary project.