The Magyar Nemzeti Bank (MNB) expanded its unique series of publications launched in 2021 and published its latest volume of studies on the occasion of the Budapest Eurasia Forum 2023, entitled Geo Awakenings – Building a sustainable future in the emerging Eurasian era. The volume is the most recent outcome of the MNB’s broad cooperation on the topic of Eurasia, as it has collected and presented the work of outstanding experts from no less than seven countries, such as China, Germany, Singapore, the United Kingdom, South Korea, Norway, and Hungary. The twelve studies examine and emphasise the possibilities of international cooperation from a “truly” Eurasian point of view as a solution to increasing geopolitical tensions, economic and social challenges, and worsening climate change. The volume of studies highlights that nowadays, cooperation must be implemented not only between individual international actors but also between different disciplines in order to achieve sustainable development.