The register contains all data of the financial service providers that –pursuant to Act CXXXIX of 2013 – are subject to oversight by the MNB, or the publication of which is prescribed by other laws, or the publication of which the MNB deems essential to protect the investors. The public database contains
  • the organisations and persons providing financial services, licensed or registered by the MNB,
  • the organisations providing financial services in Hungary, subject to oversight by foreign supervisory authorities,
  • data of the funds managed by investment fund managers,
  • companies in respect of which the MNB issued warnings,
  • companies in respect of which the foreign peer authorities issued warnings.

The financial service providers may provide financial services – that the enterprises and consumers regularly encounter –in Hungary only in possession of an MNB license or subject to complying with their registration obligations. Check in the MNB public database whether the financial service provider that liaised with you performs its activity in possession of a licence.