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This subpage gives you guidance on the marketing and regular trading in Hungary of the collective investment securities of an UCITS licensed in another EEA country, with special regard to the following:

  1. the passporting process;

  2. the definition of regular trading;

  3. requirements for the content, form and presentation of commercial communication;

  4. information to be published for investors;

  5. rules for trading;

  6. requirements for the reports submitted to the MNB and for the forwarding of information, procedures for the submission of the updated versions of the required documents;

  7. the fees charged by the MNB on trading;

  8. requirements for payments to investors, the redemption of collective investment securities, and access to mandatory information to be provided by the UCITS;

  9. conditions for the termination of trading by the UCITS;

  10. the detailed content of the notification letter referred to in Article 1 of Commission Regulation (EU) No 584/2010;

  11. the e-mail address for compliance with the notification obligation.

National rules for marketing of units of UCITS units/shares in Hungary and other specific national regulations related to the notificaton procedure