Forint banknotes and coins difficult to identify or damaged shall be converted by the MNB at their face value, free of charge, if their genuineness and face value can be ascertained beyond doubt.

If the banknote is incomplete (pierced or mutilated), a further condition of the conversion is that the fragment presented by the customer should be larger than half of the original banknote. For incomplete banknotes composed of several pieces (even if the individual fragments have been glued together), the individual pieces must be fragments of the same original banknote in order to be convertible.

If appropriate, the cashiers of the central bank shall call on the help of the expert committee of the MNB: in such situations, they shall issue an acknowledgment of receipt of the banknote or coin in question.

Depending on the findings of the expert committee, the MNB shall pay the countervalue by postal payment order or by bank transfer, as required by the customer or shall notify the customer of its refusal to convert the banknote or coin in question.

Forint banknotes or coins difficult to identify or damaged can be converted at the MNB’s Cash Offices.