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Banknote Reproduction and Coin Reproduction Decrees


Money reproductions (banknote or coin reproduction) include all tangible or intangible (virtual) representations that are suitable of giving resemblance of a forint banknote or coin, irrespective of the size, material, colour and the graphic elements displayed thereon. Based on Article 26 (1)-(2) of Act CXXXIX of 2013 on the Magyar Nemzeti Bank, reproductions of banknotes and coins (including the commemorative banknote and commemorative coin) that are in circulation or withdrawn from circulation but still exchangeable to legal tender may only be produced in accordance with the provisions of the relevant decree issued by the Governor of MNB.

The detailed rules of reproduction are defined in respect of the banknotes by MNB Decree 2/2010 (I.28.), in respect of the coins at present by MNB Decree 3/2010 (I.28.) and from 1 November 2014 by MNB Decree 36/2014 (IX.25).

In order to protect the commemorative coins and circulation coins issued by the MNB, and to suppress the practices suitable for misleading the consumers with effect of 1 November 2014 the MNB has modified the MNB Decree on coin reproductions, by making the rules applicable to reproductions more stringent and limiting certain activities.

MNB Decree 36/2014 (IX. 25.) determines prohibitive rules in respect of coin reproductions of broader scope than before:

  • It is prohibited to make reproductions that can be confused with the commemorative or circulation coins issued by the MNB, or bear resemblance to those in their graphic representation.
  • It is prohibited to make reproductions featuring a theme identical to the theme used on a commemorative coin issued by the MNB, for one year following the issuance of the commemorative coin. Reproduction of commemorative coins made of metal base material must not be made in the absence of the MNB's administrative authorisation even after the lapse of one year.
  • It is prohibited to make reproductions made of metal that simultaneously bear the "forint" lettering and numeral, and the "Magyarország" lettering.
  • It is forbidden to make reproductions that have similar size and identical metal alloy as the forint circulation coins.
  • It is forbidden to modify the unique graphic elements of the forint coins for commercial purposes; e.g. to sell coloured or gold-plated forint coins.
  • It is forbidden to use the "coin" or "commemorative coin" term on the coin reproduction or related to the coin reproduction in any form (e.g. on the packaging or in the advertisements).

The MNB decrees related to the reproductions specify the requirements that the banknote and coin reproductions must satisfy in order to be eligible for reproduction without MNB's authorisation. For more information about the reproductions not requiring authorisation see >>>> and >>>> .

Coin reproductions not satisfying the requirements applicable to reproductions that can be produced freely shall be subject to MNB's authorisation. The authorisation procedure is free of charge; applications must be sent to MNB's central mail address on the application form specified in the annex to the MNB decrees. For more information about the authorisation procedure see >>>>

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