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100 forint coins made of new base material




The Magyar Nemzeti Bank will soon replace the base material of 100 forint coins with a more up-to-date metal alloy. The 100 forint coins currently in use will remain in circulation. The overall appearance and most important features (e.g. diameter, thickness) of the 100 forint circulation coin will remain the same, but its base material will be changed from steel to an alloy of copper, nickel and zinc. The 100 forint coins currently in use will continue to be accepted in shops. Using a more up-to-date base material for the coins means that the conditions for the stable operation of coin-operated machines and the security of supply will improve. The coated steel base material of the 100 forint coins currently in use has been in circulation for 20 twenty years, and today it is only sporadically used in coin production.


As with banknotes, the entry into circulation of the 100 forint coin made of more up-to-date material will take place in two stages, with the new coin becoming legal tender from 1 October 2019. After announcement of the regulation on coin issue, the Bank will grant six months of preparation time and will provide technological support to participants of the cash supply chain, particularly to machine operators to prepare their equipment for accepting the 100 forint coins made of new material. The more up-to-date 100 forint coin will enter circulation thereafter, in May 2020 at the earliest.

Image of the 100 forint coin made of more up-to-date material:

Reverse  Obverse
 Új 100 Ft-os hátlapja.jpg  Új 100 Ft-os előlapja.jpg


The MNB will provide test coins to upgrade machines to accept the 100 forint coins made of more up-to-date material, in a simple denomination change.
Test coins can be collected personally in the MNB’s retail cashier’s office at 1 Kiss Ernő utca, Budapest.
Requests for coins indicating quantity should be made at least two working days before the planned receipt in a letter sent to the email address.
Frequently asked questions about the 100 forint coin made of new base material:


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