Reproducing or procuring the reproduction of forint banknotes and coins

Any object (e.g. medal, token, toy or prop money) or graphic presentation that bears resemblance to a banknote or coin, and made by reproducing the banknotes or coins as a whole or part of them, their unique graphic elements, or the themes of the collector or commemorative coins, irrespective of the size, material, colour and the specific graphic elements displayed, qualifies as money reproduction.

It is prohibited to make or get others to make any reproduction that may be confused with any banknote or coin, or which resembles to any coin in its graphic representation.

Based on Article 26 (1) of Act CXXXIX of 2013 on the Magyar Nemzeti Bank (MNB Act) reproductions of banknotes and coins (including the commemorative banknotes and collector or commemorative coins) that are in circulation or withdrawn from circulation but still exchangeable to legal tender may only be manufactured in accordance with the provisions of the relevant decrees issued by the Governor of MNB.

Based on Article 26 (2) of the MNB Act, the provisions pertaining to euro reproductions – save the rules pertaining to sanctions – are also defined in the relevant decrees of the Governor of MNB, subject to the provisions of Council Regulation 2182/2004/EC of 6 December 2004.

The detailed rules of reproduction are defined in respect of the banknotes by MNB Decree 2/2010 (I.28.), in respect of the coins by MNB Decree 7/2021 (II. 25.).

The production and use of reproductions are also subject to the Copyright Act.

The MNB, as the right-holder of the copyrights stipulated in the document entitled "Declaration of assent by the copyright holder to forint banknote reproductions permissible without authorisation” and of the exploitation rights of the formerly effective Act III of 1969, consents free of charge to the use of the forint banknote reproductions, the manufacturing of which is not subject to authorisation. This declaration is available only in Hungarian here >>