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Invalid banknote since 1946


The MNB will no longer exchange the withdrawn banknotes specified below to legal tender.

The forint monetary system was introduced in Hungary on 1 august 1946. Apart from the initial changes of images, the series of banknotes – relating to the 10 and 100 forint banknote – issued in 1946 remained in circulation for approximately 50 years.

Denomination Date of issue Date of withdrawal
01/08/1946 30/09/1992
01/08/1948 30/09/1992
13/06/1953 30/06/1996
07/08/1946 31/12/1998
elooldal500.jpghatoldal500.jpg 31/08/1999 01/09/2019
elooldal1000.jpghatoldal1000.jpg 31/08/19999 01/09/2019
elooldal5000.jpghatoldal5000.jpg 26/07/1999 27/07/2019

The issue of the new series of banknotes was launched in 1997.

Informative material on withdrawn banknotes issued after 1946 was prepared on the basis of the catalogue of Hungarian Mint Ltd. entitled “The Forint Currency in Hungary”.

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