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The central bank cash deposit handed over by the MNB to cash processing companies consists exclusively of coins. Cash processing companies are only authorised to use the central bank cash deposit for exchanging banknotes and coins for their own purposes and on behalf of the MNB’s HUF account holder customers, making coin payments and disbursements for the MNB’s HUF account holder customers and performing coin delivery and acceptance operations between organisations that have concluded a central bank cash deposit agreement with the MNB. Cash processing companies may only place central bank cash deposits in depositories that meet the criteria set by the MNB for the storage of coins.

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An Internet technology-based application provided by the MNB through GIRO Zrt.’s closed network. WebeC enables MNB customers to launch, via a web-based browser, electronic business records related to cash transactions to be initiated with the MNB and stock reports on central bank cash deposits and to access and download the confirmations sent in reply.

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The logistics unit of the cash supply market is a bundle of banknotes. In order to enhance efficiency, the MNB intends to encourage the use of container-based logistics units. It follows that a logistics buffer is required between the MNB and the cash supply market. It is cash deposited in banknotes (hereinafter: cash deposit) that enables credit institutions to build up surplus logistics cash supplies.

Expected impacts of deposited banknotes include:

  • an increase in the proportion of container-based shipments to the MNB;
  • cash held by the MNB is also available to actors in the cash supply market outside the regular opening hours of MNB’s cash desk office;
  • improved co-operation between actors in the cash supply market in order to facilitate an efficient use of cash.

The operating procedure

Actors in the cash supply market are the central bank, credit institutions and cash processing companies. Credit institutions may place a certain amount of cash pre-determined by them serving as a cash deposit with cash processing companies or in their own respective depositories at the closing of the clearing (financial settlement) system. The banknotes held in the cash deposit go into the ownership of the MNB. On the next business day, when the clearing system opens, the cash deposit ceases to exist, and credit institutions regain ownership of the cash amount. The central bank imposes limits on the amount of cash that can be earmarked for such purpose separately for each credit institution. The limit imposed depends on the cash turnover transacted by the individual credit institutions with the MNB.

BKPR – software supporting the business process

An Internet technology-based application provided by the MNB via a closed system of GIRO Zrt. that is used to submit orders for the replenishment of the night deposits of banknotes held by the central bank and to forward messages confirming the execution of such orders.

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