On 30 April, 2004 the Magyar Nemzeti Bank issued commemorative circulation coins in one million copies on the occasion of Hungary’s joining the European Union.

The front sides of the coins are the same as those of the 50 forint coins in circulation, on the reverse sides, however, instead of the picture of a saker the coat of arms of the Hungarian Republic can be seen. The coinage date of 2004 is surrounded by a wreath consisting of the 12 stars representing the European Union. On the outside circumscription of the coin there is „HUNGARIAN REPUBLIC”and on the inside circumscription there is „MEMBER OF THE EUROPEAN UNION”.

The coin was made of an alloy of copper (75%) and nickel (25%), it weighs 7.70 grams, its diameter is 27.4 mm and it has a smooth edge.

15 thousand coins of extra quality were prepared for the circulation coin series of special design issued every year. 12 thousand out of the first day coinage will be put into circulation in ornate packaging with serial numbers.

The public can obtain the commemorative coins by exchanging money at the Budapest main counter of the Magyar Nemzeti Bank (Szabadság tér 8/9.) or at its four regional directorates (Debrecen, Győr, Kecskemét, Székesfehérvár), as well as in ordinary circulation.

The coins of first day coinage, with ornate packaging, can be purchased at Hungarian Mint Ltd. (Könyves Kálmán körút 38), as well as in the shop of the Visitors’ Center of the Magyar Nemzeti Bank (Budapest, Szabadság tér 8/9.), at HUF 600.