On 30 April, 2004, on the occasion of Hungary’s joining the European Union  the Magyar Nemzeti Bank issued  a collector coin made of gold, with a face value of HUF 50,000.

On the reverse side there is the circumscription „HUNGARY IS MEMBER OF THE EUROPEAN UNION”. The picture of the Hungarian wonder-deer can be seen in the middle of the coin, jumping through the twelve-star wreath representing the European Union.

The coin was designed by László Papp, artist.

The coin was made of gold with a fineness of 986 ‰, weighing 13.964 grams, with a diameter of 25 mm, with smooth edge.

7000 can be minted of this collector coin, with a special technology called proof.

The coins can be purchased at Hungarian Mint Ltd. (Könyves Kálmán körút 38), as well as in the shop of the Visitors’ Center of the Magyar Nemzeti Bank (Budapest, Szabadság tér 8/9.). For three months from the issuance the coins are put into circulation at a premium of HUF 5,000 and later on they can be purchased  at the market price above HUF 55,000.