Upon the 550th anniversary of the victory at Nándorfehérvár, on 20 July 2006, the Magyar Nemzeti Bank issued a silver collector coin at a nominal value of 5,000 forints.

The obverse of the collector coin depicts the ornamental hilt of a sabre. The reverse of the coin portrays the full figure of John Hunyadi and John Kapisztrán in a rectangular frame.

The coin was designed by the sculptor Tamás E. Soltra.

The coin was minted of .925 fine silver, weighing 31.46 grams, with a diameter of 38.61 mm; its edge is milled.

6,000 such commemorative coins may be minted, of these 3,500 coins are minted with the special proof technology.

The coin may be purchased from the Hungarian Mint Ltd. (Budapest, Könyves Kálmán körút 38) or in the shop of the National Bank of Hungary’s Visitor Centre (Budapest, Szabadság tér 8/9). The coin is available at face value for three months from its date of issue.