On 23 February 2006 the Magyar Nemzeti Bank issued a cupronickel collector coin “Model T Ford” with a face value of HUF 1,000.

On the reverse of the collector coin with the shape of a square stood on its point the Model T Ford is depicted. Above the car there is a circular legend “•MODEL T FORD •” and beneath it “HUNGARIAN DESIGNERS: JÓZSEF GALAMB AND JENŐ FARKAS”. On the obverse of the collector coin a detail of the front of the car can be seen.

The coin was designed by István Holló.

The coin is made of cupronickel (75% copper, 25% nickel), weighs 14 grams, and has a size of 28.43 mm x 28.43 mm and a smooth edge.

20,000 coins may be struck, of which 10,000 are produced by the special “proof” technology.

The coin may be purchased from the Hungarian Mint Ltd. (Budapest, Könyves Kálmán körút 38) or from the shop in the Magyar Nemzeti Bank’s Visitor Centre (Budapest, Szabadság tér 8/9). The coin is available at face value for three months from its date of issue.