The collector coin was designed by sculptor Gábor Benő Pogány. The legend ‘MAGYARORSZÁG’ is inscribed on the upper left edge of the obverse. The right field of the coin bears a portrait of Géza Gárdonyi. The value numeral ‘1000‘, the inscription ‘FORINT’ and the signature of Géza Gárdonyi appear in horizontal lines below each other to the left of the portrait. The mint year ‘2013’ and the mint mark ‘BP.’ are positioned in the centre at the lower edge of the coin.

The reverse of the coin bears a detail of the Women of Eger, a painting by Bertalan Székely. The main female character is positioned in the centre, with a scene from the siege around her. The legend ‘EGRI CSILLAGOK’ is inscribed on the upper part of the painting’s detail. The initials of designer Gábor Benő Pogány are to the right of the legend, near the edge of the coin.

The collector coin is minted from an alloy of copper (75%), nickel (4%) and zinc (21%). It weighs 9.4 grams and it is 29.2 mm in diameter and has a smooth edge.

A total of 10,000 pieces of the collector coin can be produced in proof finish.

The Géza Gárdonyi collector coin can be purchased at the coin shop of the Hungarian Mint in the Magyar Nemzeti Bank’s Visitor Centre (8–9 Szabadság tér, Budapest) and on the Mint’s website (, where a number of collector coins produced from gold, silver and non-ferrous metals issued earlier are also on sale, as well as in the place of issue, in the Géza Gárdonyi Memorial House (3 Sigray utca, Agárd).