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Fundamental Law of Hungary Issue of Commemorative Coins


Budapest, 25 April 2016 – To commemorate the 5th anniversary of enacting the Fundamental Law of Hungary, Magyar Nemzeti Bank is issuing silver coins in a denomination of HUF 10,000 and non-ferrous metal coins in a denomination of HUF 2,000. Enacted 5 years ago, the Fundamental Law is the foundation of the legal system of Hungary and the first written constitution in the country’s history which was adopted by a democratically elected legislature. Marking the launch of the 2016 commemorative series, the coins include a security feature incorporating micro lettering for the first time in the history of the MNB’s coin issues.

The commemorative coins are legal tender. Both coins are presented with the same design, with the only difference in the indication of face value. The main motif of the obverse is an open book, symbolising the deluxe edition of the Fundamental Law of Hungary, and this side also carries the lettering ‘HUNGARY’ for the issuing country, the face value of HUF 10,000 and 2,000, respectively, the mint mark ‘BP.’, and ‘2016’ for the year of issue. The letters ‘B’ and ‘P’, incorporated into the mint mark in micro lettering, are invisible to the unaided eye and are perceivable only when magnified at least ten times, and as a security feature they serve to protect the commemorative coins against counterfeiting.  
The central field of the reverse of the coin shows an interior detail of the dome hall of the Parliament, as an embodiment of parliamentary democracy. The top rim lettering carries the first line of Hungary’s National Anthem, ‘God Bless the Hungarians’, which also introduces the general explanation of the Fundamental Law. The bottom rim lettering reads ‘ON THE FIFTH ANNIVERSARY OF THE FUNDAMENTAL LAW’. The two letterings are separated by a decorative motif, featured on both the obverse and the reverse side. The recurring decorative motifs were inspired by the motifs on the stone banisters of the Parliament. The decorative motif on the left carries the miniature mark of the designer, László Szlávics, Jr.  
The HUF 10,000 commemorative coin is minted from silver with a millesimal fineness of 925 and weighs 24 grams. The non-ferrous metal version, with a denomination of HUF 2,000, is minted from an alloy of copper (75%) and nickel (25%) and weighs 23.7 grams. Both types of coin have a diameter of 37 mm. The commemorative coins are made with a toothed rim. Since 2014, all of the MNB’s commemorative coins made of precious metal have also been issued in a more affordable version made of non-ferrous metal. To enable the commemorative coins to convey values and information on the widest possible scale, each coin will be available at a price equivalent to its face value, for three months in the case of the HUF 10,000 version, and for an indefinite period while stocks last in the case of the HUF 2,000 non-ferrous metal version.  
The silver version, with a denomination of HUF 10,000, will be made in a volume of up to 5,000 in proof design, while the non-ferrous metal version, with a denomination of HUF 2,000, in a volume of up to 5,000 in BU design. The coins will be distributed by Magyar Pénzverő Zrt. and will be available from 25 April 2016 at the Company’s coin shop (Budapest, Hold u. 17.) and from its online store (, along with a number of other gold, silver and non-ferrous commemorative coins.  

Magyar Nemzeti Bank

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