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The MNB will launch a new collector coins series to present Hungarian shepherd and hunting dogs


The Magyar Nemzeti Bank will launch a non-ferrous metal collector coin of HUF 2,000 named Hungarian Vizsla on 7 September 2019, the National Hunter's Day. With the collector coin, the Bank seeks to launch a new series presenting the Hungarian shepherd and hunting dogs.

The generic term ‘Hungarian shepherd and hunting dogs’ refers to nine dog breeds, and it was added to the Collection of Hungarikums in 2017. Of these, one of the most well-well-known Hungarian hunting dog breed is the Hungarian Vizsla all over the world. Its conscious breeding was started in Trenčín in 1712. The breed standard was first described in 1930, which was approved by the Fédération Cynologique Internationale (World Canine Organization) in 1935 and consequently the Hungarian vizsla was added to the official list of internationally acknowledged national breeds. The Hungarian vizsla is an ancient breed with high stability.

The breeding of the shorthaired vizsla was started in the 1930s. The first shorthaired yellow Hungarian vizsla was presented and judged in 1943. The breed became internationally recognised in 1966. It is characterised by elegant external features, a graceful build and smooth movement. Being gentle-mannered, and highly intelligent, it even stands out among other vizslas. It is versatile, not just a hunting dog, and certain to become a family pet the children’s playmate. However it is not fit for protecting property.

The ‘Magyar vizsla’ (Hungarian Vizsla) collector coins are legal tender in Hungary, but they do not serve circulatory purposes. Their primary role is providing education and presenting the versatility and outstanding characteristics of Hungarian shepherd and hunting dogs.

The centre motif on the obverse is the two-thirds profile of the shorthaired Hungarian vizsla’s head, which authentically reflect its obedient nature and the fact that it focuses on humans and has good problem-solving skills. These features made this breed popular all over the world. The compulsory design elements of collector coins are also placed here: In the upper legend the lettering ‘MAGYARORSZÁG’ (Hungary), to the right, in a legend the denomination ‘2000 FORINT’ is shown, on the left, the mint year 2019 and the mint mark ‘BP.’ are placed broken into two lines below one another.

On the reverse, a hunting scene comes alive. As a hunting dog, the vizsla is a breed capable of performing all kinds of tasks, but primarily it excels in catching small game in the field or in shallow waters. On the reverse, in the foreground a shorthaired Hungarian vizsla is shown, treading in water in a typical pose sensing game, while in the background the representation of a wirehaired Hungarian vizsla exiting the reed is featured. In the upper legend the breed name ‘MAGYAR VIZSLA’ (Hungarian vizsla) can be read. The collector coin was designed by Mihály Munkácsy prize-winner sculptor, Gábor Benő Pogány. His master mark is hidden in the representation of the water.

The Hungarian vizsla collector coins



The non-ferrous metal collector coin is minted from an alloy of copper (75%), nickel (4%) and zinc (21%). It weighs 16 grams and it is 34 mm in diameter and has a reeded edge. The collector coins are issued in limited edition: a total of 10,000 coins will be minted in reverse proof.

To promote the collector coins' value transferring and educational role as widely as possible the ‘Magyar vizsla’ (Hungarian vizsla) commemorative coin can be purchased for one year from the date of issuance, at their face value until stocks last, at the coin shop of Hungarian Mint Ltd., the producer and the distributor of the coins, in the webshop on the company’s website ( from 7 September 2019, and at the company’s coin shop (Budapest, distr. V, 7 Báthory street) from the first business day following the issuance.

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