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The MNB compiles its collector coin issuance programme for 2021


In consideration of the result of the public consultation with regards to themes and the proposals made by the public institutions involved, the Magyar Nemzeti Bank compiled its collector coin issuance programme for 2021. Next year, the Bank plans to issue collector coins covering 13 themes. It will continue three series launched earlier and will start a new series containing gold, silver and non-ferrous metal collector coins. The programme includes two gold, nine silver and three separate non-ferrous metal collector coins, but to promote the coins' value transferring role as widely as possible, non-ferrous versions will accompany the coins issued in precious metal finish.

Based on the votes, comments and proposals received from a public consultation, the MNB developed its collector coin issuance programme for 2021. The contents were also affected by the pandemic situation caused by the COVID-19 virus. Due to the pandemic, the 52nd International Eucharistic Congress, the Tokyo 2020 Olympic and Paralympic Games and the UEFA Euro 2020 were postponed, therefore these items have been taken out of this year’s programme and were moved over to next year’s programme. Under the consultation the following thematic proposals, among others, were received to be featured on collector coins: a world exhibition in the subject of hunting and nature Egy a természettel (One with Nature) to be held in Hungary next year, and the 150th anniversary of the foundation of an independent prosecutors’ organisation in Hungary. These were included in the MNB’s collector coin issuance programme for 2021.

As a result, next year two gold, nine silver, and three individual non-ferrous metal coins are expected to be issued covering 13 themes, to be completed with non-ferrous metal versions of precious metal collector coins.

The MNB will continue the series launched in previous years, so popular with collectors: honouring Elizabeth of Hungary, the gold collector coin series featuring Hungarian Saints of the Árpád dynasty will be expanded, and to commemorate the 50th anniversary of its foundation, the Ópusztaszer Heritage Park will be featured on a non-ferrous metal collector coin in a bronze coated finish as the 8th piece in the series presenting national memorial sites. In addition, the non-ferrous metal series featuring Hungarian shepherd and hunting dogs, which was the most popular when it was started, will be continued with the magyar agár, a Hungarian sighthound.

In the 2021 collector coin issuance programme, a new special item will be launched: a series featuring Sovereigns seeking to establish Hungary from the Árpád dynasty will be launched. Having regard to the significance of the subject, it will feature a pure gold coin of 1 ounce, in very limited edition, in addition to pure silver and non-ferrous metal coins of 1 ounce in weight. The opening piece in the series honours the founder of the Hungarian state, Stephen I of Hungary.

In 2021, the MNB will issue silver collector coins to commemorate the 100th anniversary of János Pilinszky’s birth, one of the most prominent Hungarian poets of the 20th century, and the 275th anniversary of Móric Benyovszky’s birth, one of the most renowned Hungarian world travellers.

Special shapes will also appear in the programme, as according to the plans, in addition to the usual round shaped coins, square-shaped coins will also be issued: particularly large square-shaped silver collector coins to pay tribute to Sopron, the most loyal town, and rectangle non-ferrous metal coins honouring the 125th anniversary of the opening of Millennium Underground Railway in special finish tarnished by machine.

A special, golden inlay finish, never seen before on the MNB’s collector coins, will be applied to the silver collector coin to be issued on the occasion of the world exhibition in the subject of hunting and nature entitled Egy a természettel (One with Nature).

The MNB’s collector coin programme for 2021 is shown in the table below:

Theme of coin Specification
Material Weight g/pc Diameter/ mm Edge Finish Face value HUF Planned quantity /pc
Saint Elisabeth of Hungary Au .986 6,982 22 smooth UNC 100 000 1 500
CuNiZn 4,20 BU 2 000 4 000
Stephen I of Hungary Au .999 31,104
(1 uncia)
34 smooth with edge inscription PP 500 000 500
Ag .999 31,104
(1 uncia)
10 000 5 000
CuZn10 23,40 patinated
(bronze coloured)
3 000 5 000
János Pilinszky Ag .925 20 34 reeded PP 5 000 3 000
CuNi 16 BU 2 000 3 000
Sopron, the most loyal town Ag .925 31,46 38,61*38,61 reeded PP 10 000 5 000
CuNi 38,50 BU 3 000 5 000
Móric Benyovszky Ag .925 31,46 38,61 reeded PP 10 000 4 000
CuNi 30,80 BU 2 000 4 000
The 150th anniversary of the foundation of an independent prosecutors’ organisation in Hungary Ag .925 31,46 38,61 reeded PP 10 000 4 000
CuNi 30,80 BU 2 000 4 000
"One with nature" World of Hunting and Nature Exhibition Ag .925 35 38,4 smooth PP, with golden inlay 15 000 5 000
CuNi 30,80 BU 2 000 5 000
32nd Summer Olympic and 16th Paralympic Games, Tokyo Ag .925 24 37 reeded PP 10 000 5 000
CuNi 23,70 BU 2 000 5 000
16th European Football Championship Ag .925 31,46 38,61 reeded PP 10 000 5 000
CuNi 30,80 BU 2 000 5 000
52th International Eucharistic Congress Ag .925 31,46 38,61 reeded PP 10 000 7 500
CuNi 30,80 BU 2 000 10 000
Ópusztaszer Heritage Park CuZn10 18,40 37 reeded patinated    (bronze coloured) 2 000 7 000
Magyar Agár CuNiZn 16,00 34 reeded proof-like 2 000 7 000
Millennium Underground Railway  CuNi 27,00 39,6*26,4 smooth machine tarnished 2 000 5 000

*Information in the last column of the table is non-binding.

The MNB will follow the principle, observed since 2014, in its 2021 collector coin issuance programme, which stipulates that a non-ferrous metal version with a lower face value of all precious metal collector coins should also be issued. This design will not only expand choice, but it will also help the promotion of the collector coins as well as their educational role due to their lower price more effectively.

The MNB reserves the right to change any aspects of the programme. Final data will be determined by the decrees of the Governor published in the Hungarian Official Journal (Magyar Közlöny).

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