In the spirit of its traditions of already over 50 years, the Magyar Nemzeti Bank plans to issue 28 collector coins in 16 thematic schemes in 2022. Three gold, nine silver and six separate non-ferrous metal collector coins are included, but to promote the coins' value transferring role as widely as possible, non-ferrous versions will also accompany the coins issued in precious metal finish. The collector coin programme, rich in thematic and technical variety, contains the continuation of six running series and the launch of three new series.

The structure and the implementation of the collector coin issuance programme for 2022 is guaranteed to be diverse: such unique solutions are included as the small golden coin and its non-ferrous metal version in the size of the pendant seal of the original document to mark the 800th anniversary of the Golden Bull of Andrew II of Hungary, which are separate coins but they can be stacked in line with the Issuer’s intentions.

As a novelty, the diameter of 42 mm will be added to the sizes listed in the collector coin issuance programme, adding to the special features of the pieces in the series presenting Hungary’s counties and county towns which will be launched to match collectors’ needs.

This year’s collector coin programme offers diversity regarding the shape of the collector coins in addition to their sizes. Besides the standard circular coins, coins, oval in shape, (Nobel prize winners of Hungarian descent) and rectangular coins (The Hungarian discovery behind mRNA vaccines and Gedeon Richter) will also appear in the programme. Furthermore, as a rarity, a hexagonal non-ferrous metal coin series will also be launched by the MNB to present the results of the National Hauszmann Programme. The next pieces in this series will be made so, that they can be placed together as a mosaic.

Significant anniversaries in history, science and art are also listed in the thematic schemes of the issuance programme and such popular series will be continued as the Hungarian gold florins from the Middle Ages, and coin series presenting Hungarian national memory sites, Hungarian herding and hunting dogs and the Hungarian folk tales animated series. We can deservedly be proud of our scientists, researchers whose career and achievements were awarded internationally. Therefore, by analogy of the coin series presenting Nobel prize winners of Hungarian descent, recipients of the Nobel Memorial Prize in Economic Sciences and Wolf Prize winners in mathematics will also be included in this series from 2022 onwards.

Female figures, who set examples for us, will be added to the collector coin issuance programme in 2022 e.g. Vilma Hugonnai, the first female doctor in Hungary and a silver coin and its non-ferrous metal version will also be issued to honour Ágnes Nemes Nagy.

The MNB’s 2022 collector coin issuance programme complemented by graphics designs can be accessed at the link below:

Collector Coin Issuing Plan of the Magyar Nemzeti Bank for 2022

In line with the sales policy in effect since 2014 a non-ferrous metal version with a lower face value of all precious metal collector coins will also be issued. This design will not only expand choice, but it will also help the promotion of the collector coins as well as their educational role due to their lower price more effectively.

From 19 January 2022, the Hungarian Mint Ltd., the producer and distributor of collector coins, will offer a booking facility for the collector coins until stocks in the booking facility last. Detailed information on the booking and purchase schedule can be accessed at

The Bank reserves the right to change any aspects of the programme. Final data will be determined by the decrees of the Governor published in the Hungarian Official Journal (Magyar Közlöny) before each issuance.