1 June 2023

In consideration of the result of the public consultation with regards to themes, the Magyar Nemzeti Bank (MNB) compiled its collector coin issuance programme for 2024. Next year, the Bank plans to issue 27 commemorative coins in a total of fifteen themes, continuing eight series launched earlier. The programme includes three gold, nine silver and four individual non-ferrous medals. To maximise their role in promoting values, a non-ferrous metal version of the precious metal collector coins will be issued, continuing the practice of previous years.

On the basis of the comments and recommendations received in response to the public consultation, the MNB has developed its 2024 collector coin issuance programme, which is expected to include 27 collector coins in fifteen themes and to continue eight previously launched popular coin series.

In the spirit of historical fidelity, the ‘Hungarian gold florins from the Middle Ages’ series features new coins, including the most valuable gold coin of the year, in the theme of the gold forint of Ladislaus V. The new addition to the gold collector coin series honouring the Hungarian saints of the Árpád dynasty is a tribute to Kinga of Hungary.

Out of the silver collector coin series, featuring Hungarian counties and county towns, the silver coin series with a larger diameter than the standard one, will be extended with the themes of Baranya county and Pécs following the alphabetical order. As part of the special, oval-shaped ‘Nobel Prize winners of Hungarian descent’ series launched in 2012, the MNB will issue a silver commemorative coin in honour of two more scientists, chemist Dr György Oláh and biochemist Dr Ferenc Herskó.

In addition, such popular non-ferrous metal coin series as the Hungarian shepherd and hunting dog breeds, the Hungarian folk tales animated series and the one featuring national memorial sites will be continued with an addition to each. This time another shepherd dog, the Kuvasz will be featured on a collector coin. The 4th piece of the folk tale series was inspired by the tale of the Hard-working and the Idle Daughters, and a collector coin with the parameters characteristic of the series will be issued in honour of the country's oldest national memorial site, marking the 800th anniversary of the consecration of the Saint Martin Basilica, celebrated by the thousand-year-old Pannonhalma Archabbey.

With its hexagonal shape the National Hauszmann Programme series, which includes the building of the Royal Guard, stands out among the non-ferrous metal series.

Next year's issuance programme will also highlight a historical anniversary, with the release of a silver collector coin to mark the 175th anniversary of the execution of Prime Minister Count Lajos Batthyány and the 13 martyrs of Arad, which will be distinguished by its 52.50 mm diameter and 13-sided inner rim.

To celebrate the centenary of its founding, the Bank is issuing another coin with a unique design. The silver anniversary coin features a gold inlay layer with the Magyar Nemzeti Bank in the centre.

The range of uniquely shaped coins will be complemented by rectangular collector coins to commemorate the 150th anniversary of the birth of the most successful Hungarian racehorse, Kincsem.

The MNB will also issue a silver collector coin in honour of Sára Salkaházi, the nun who saved the lives of nearly a hundred Jews during the Arrow Cross reign of terror, on the 125th anniversary of her birth and the 80th anniversary of her death.

In addition, a collector coin will also be issued to honour such global sporting events as the Summer Olympics and the Paralympic Games, which will be held next year, and the Bank plans to pay tribute to the fact that Hungary will hold the Presidency of the Council of the European Union in 2024.

The details of the MNB’s collector coin programme for 2024 are shown in the table below:


In its Collector Coin Issuance Programme for 2024, the MNB still respects the principle, created in 2014, that a non-ferrous metal version of all precious metal coins will also be issued at a lower face value. This design will not only expand choice, but it will also help the promotion of the collector coins as well as their educational role due to their lower price more effectively.

The MNB reserves the right to change any aspects of the programme. Final data will be determined by the decrees of the Governor published in the Hungarian Official Journal (Magyar Közlöny).