14 July 2020

The Magyar Nemzeti Bank is issuing new collector versions of the 10 and 20 forint coins in recognition of, and to express respect for, the dedicated work of our fellow citizens who played an outstanding role in the efforts made during the coronavirus pandemic. Two million pieces of each of the special metal coins will be put into circulation from today.

The face value side of the 10 and 20 forint coins to be newly issued will be identical to that of the coins of corresponding value; however, on the thematic side the conventional coat of arms and the Hungarian iris motive will be replaced by a new shared motive.

Inside the string of pearls along the edge of the coin the upper legend features “MAGYARORSZÁG” (Hungary), while the lower legend shows “2020”, the year of minting, between two dots. The unknown heroes – of various professions and occupations, standing firm in the emergency – are schematically depicted, in the shape of a heart in the middle of the field, with the words “TISZTELET A HŐSÖKNEK” (tribute to the heroes) in two lines.

The heart-shaped coin picture is a worthy representation of the joint effort of all Hungarians and gives a lively expression of gratitude and respect.

Commemorative version of the new 10 forint circulation coin with the theme
“Tribute to the Heroes of Emergency"

Face value side

Thematic side


Commemorative version of the new 20 forint circulation coin with the theme
"Tribute to the Heroes of Emergency"

Face value side

Thematic side


The coins’ shared thematic side has been designed by graphic artist Krisztina Kovács, of Hódmezővásárhely, whose design was found to be the best one among the 345 entries submitted in response to the open invitation for coin designs.

The technical parameters of the coins are the same as those of the 10 and 20 forint coins in circulation: the 10 forint coin is an alloy of copper (75%) and nickel (25%), weighing 6.1 grams, with a diameter of 24.8 mm, its rim is 1.7 mm wide and its edge is discontinuously reeded. The 20 forint coin is an alloy of copper (75%), nickel (4%) and zinc (21%), weighing 6.9 grams, with a diameter of 26.3 mm, its rim is 1.8 mm wide, and its edge is continuously reeded.

The 2020 commemorative version of the 10 and 20 forint circulation coins will be minted in 2 million pieces each. The primary objective of the MNB is to have these coins reach as wide segments of the population as possible so that they will be encountered in cash circulation when people do their day-to-day shopping.

The MNB will make the coins available in limited quantities, by way of exchange, at its retail cash office at 1 Kiss Ernő utca, Budapest, for three months after issuance. Given the avid interest and huge demand, not more than 10 coins of each denomination may be exchanged per customer.

In line with the practices adopted in recent years in issuing commemorative versions of circulation coins, so-called first day sets in special gift-wrapped packages containing each denomination will also be available at the coin shop and webshop of Magyar Pénzverő Zrt. Up to 12,000 of the brilliant uncirculated 10 and 20 forint mints, in serial numbered gift-wrapped manufactured on the first day, may be produced. An additional up to 2,500 pieces of each are expected to be made available as part of the 2020 gift-wrapped circulation coin series at the end of the year, also through the Mint’s sales channels.

With a view to collectors’ interest the new 10 and 20 forint commemorative coins will, for the first time ever, be distributed by the Mint in collectible rolls in wrapping bearing the name of the MNB. The limited edition rolls will contain 50 pieces of the brilliant uncirculated commemorative versions of the 10 forint or 50 pieces of 20 forint coins. Since roll packaging is of an added value for collectors, the coins in rolls will be sold at an extra collectors’ price, exceeding the face value, similarly to low serial number unfolded circulation banknotes. One roll of each denomination may be purchased per customer, until stocks last. 

Loose coins may be purchased by collectors at the Pénzverő coin shop (Budapest, V. ker. Báthory u. 7.) in addition to the MNB’s Retail Cashier’s Office until stocks are exhausted and in limited quantities.