The MNB's macroprudential strategy

Release date Topic
2022 (actual) The MNB's macroprudential strategy 2022
2018 The MNB's macroprudential strategy 2018
2016 The MNB's macroprudential strategy 2016


Release date Topic Title Publication
June 2023 Borrower based measures Gabriella Grosz - Gábor Izsák - Alexandr Maxim Palicz - Katinka Szász: Improving Access to Credit for First-Time Home Buyers under Borrower-Based Measures Financial and Economic Review
March 2022 Other Gábor Izsák – Alexandr Palicz – Katinka Szász – Balázs Varga: The Role of Data Assets in the Financial Sector Financial and Economic Review
December 2021 Other Gabriella Grosz - Evelyn Herbert - Gábor Izsák - Katinka Szász: Issues Relating to the Creation of a Central Database to Support Statistical Property Valuations Financial and Economic Review
March 2021 Other Áron Drabancz - Gabriella Grosz - Alexandr Palicz - Balázs Varga: Experiences with the Introduction of a Payment Moratorium in Hungary Financial and Economic Review
December 2020 Liquidity and funding Tamás Borkó - Evelyn Herbert - Barnabás Székely - Péter Szomorjai: How Would the MNB’s Liquidity and Funding Requirements Have Influenced the Impact of the 2008 Crisis in Hungary? Financial and Economic Review
September 2019 Systemic risk buffer (SyRB) Péter Fáykiss - Erzsébet-Judit Rariga - Márton Zsigó: Portfolio Cleaning of Problem Project Loans in Hungary - Experiences Related to the Systemic Risk Buffer, as a Targeted Macroprudential Instrument Financial and Economic Review
March 2018 Borrower based measures Péter Fáykiss - Alexandr Palicz - János Szakács - Márton Zsigó: Experiences of Debt Cap Regulations in Hungarian Retail Lending Financial and Economic Review
2014 Financial stability Anikó Szombati, Márton Zsigó: How can the MNB's macroprudential toolkit support interest rate policy? (available in Hungarian) MNB Studies (116.)
2014 Banking union Kornél Kisgergely, Anikó Szombati Banking union through Hungarian eyes – the MNB’s assessment of a possible close cooperation MNB Studies (115.)


Release date Topic Title (available in Hungarian)
14/02/2023 Lending Gabriella Grosz – Alexandr Palicz – János Szakács: Keeping pace with risks: The MNB can prevent over-indebtedness even more effectively in the future
08/02/2023 Financial stability Tamás Borkó – Evelyn Herbert: Mortgage bonds, a pillar for a stable banking system
27/01/2023 Lending Alexandr Palicz – Dr. Zsófia Thaqi –Balázs Varga: It is still worth looking for MNB’s consumer-friendly certification when taking out a home loan
08/12/2022 Lending Alexandr Palicz- Balázs Varga: Unsecured lending during inflation
11/08/2022 Lending Alexandr Palicz - Dr. Katinka Szász - Dr. Zsófia Thaqi: For better or worse? Lost opportunities due to low loan origination activity
19/04/2022 Lending Dr. Gábor Izsák - Gabriella Grosz - Alexandr Palicz - Dr. Katinka Szász: Are all beginnings difficult? Macroprudential options for supporting young first-time home buyers
03/03/2022 Portfolio quality Alexandr Palicz - János Szakács: The moratorium continued in a narrower circle, with riskier debtors
22/02/2022 Financial stability Evelyn Herbert - János Szakács: Bank regulatory evolution: changes in macroprudential policy
15/02/2022 Lending Gergely Fábián - Evelyn Herbert - Alexandr Palicz - Tamás Borkó: Trend reversal in lending?
31/01/2022 Lending Alexandr Palicz – Balázs Varga: A digital revolution in personal lending?
21/11/2021 Banking union Evelyn Herbert - Alexandr Palicz: Changing prudential scope after joining the euro zone
17/11/2021 Financial stability Flóra Balázs - Zoltán Bögöthy - Benjámin Nagy - Alexandr Maxim Palicz: Fiscal, monetary and macroprudential crisis management in the EU
12/08/2021 Regulatory effectiveness Alexandr Palicz - Dr. Katinka Szász - Balázs Varga: No  credit without data
24/06/2021 Lending Alexandr Palicz - Noémi Timkó: Consumer-friendly personal loans are also available online from July
09/04/2021 Lending Alexandr Palicz - Dr. Katinka Szász - Balázs Varga: Certified Consumer-Friendly Personal Loans started the year strongly
31/12/2021 Lending Stefan Krakovsky – Palicz Alexandr Maxim – Dr. Zsófia Tringer: Both market and state developments are necessary for the true digitization of lending processes
09/09/2020 Financial stability Alexandr Palicz – János Szakács: It is worth preparing in advance: stable domestic banks faced the epidemic
03/09/2020 Lending Alex Palicz - Dr. Tamás Tóth - Balázs Varga: The momentum of Certified Consumer-Friendly Home Loans has persisted even during the pandemic
01/09/2020 Liquidity and funding Tamás Borkó - Evelyn Herbert: Green mortgage bonds for more modern buildings and financial stability
01/09/2020 Lending Dr. Tamás Tóth - Noémi Timkó: From January, the interest rate on consumer loans taken out with a reduced APR limit may increase, but we will not be left without favorable offers
29/07/2020 Lending István Szira - Dr. Szandra Tóth - Dr. Tamás Tóth - Dr. Zsófia Tringer: Consumer-friendly personal loans will also be available from January
09/07/2020 Lending Alexandr Palicz - István Szira - Dr. Tamás Tóth: Consumer-friendly home loans conquered the Hungarian market in three years
05/06/2020 Lending Dr. Adrienn Almási – Alexandr Palicz: We can also exchange our loan for a fixed-rate consumer-friendly home loan by April, the banks disbursed HUF 1,000 billion MFL
25/05/2020 Lending Alexandr Palicz - István Szira: Loan repayment is more predictable with a fixed interest rate
21/05/2020 Lending Dr. Alexandra Dorottya Béres - Dr. Zsófia Tringer: Real estate valuation from "home": a new chapter in increasing banking efficiency
20/05/2020 Liquidity and funding Tamás Borkó - Evelyn Herbert - Péter Szomorjai: New regulations support the stable operation of banks from June
03/05/2020 Lending Dr. Adrienn Almási - János Szakács: What happens to the loans after the moratorium?
20/04/2020 Lending Dr. Szandra Tóth and János Szakács: Baby loans and the repayment moratorium
13/04/2020 Lending Alexandr Palicz - Dr. Tamás Tóth - Dr. Zsófia Tringer: The MNB calls for more intense competition and cheaper personal loans
10/07/2019 Lending Bálint Dancsik - dr. Alexandra Nemes – János Szakács: Let's take our finances into our own hands: how does the MNB's "fixed interest rate" recommendation help?
17/04/2019 Lending Benjámin Nagy - Dr. Alexandra Nemes - Tamás Tóth: If predictability is important: a fixed loan instead of a loan with a variable interest rate
01/03/2017 Lending Gergely Lakos – Tibor Szendrei Macroprudential instruments supporting the stability of the housing market
22/02/2017 Financial stability Anikó Szombati: Where to next? Development of frameworks for systemic risk management in the EU
09/12/2016 Lending Dr. Alexandra Dorottya Béres - Gabriella Grosz: Mandatory positive debtor list: this can make loans cheaper
19/08/2016 Lending Tamás Borkó - Erzsébet Nagy - Ágnes Tőrös: Should we worry about the overheating of the European credit market?
22/02/2016 Lending Péter Fáykiss – Gábor Fukker – János Szakács: Light at the end of the tunnel - we are facing with lower and lower interest rates
20/01/2016 Lending Gergely Lakos – Tamás Tóth: Cloak before the rain: Countercyclical capital buffer in Hungary
13/01/2013 Lending Erzsébet Nagy - Ágnes Tőrös: Customized crisis prevention: does everyone do it differently?
03/08/2015 Lending Miklós Sallay - What can we expect from the countercyclical capital buffer?
08/05/2015 Systemically important institutions Tamás Borkó – Péter Fáykiss – Márton Zsigó: Too big to fail? – Risks of systemically important financial institutions
14/01/2015 Liquidity and funding Dávid György Csikós - János Szakács: Instead of a bankruptcy: this is how our banks will be resilient
06/10/2014 Financial stability Péter Fáykiss - Anikó Szombati: Clear authorization - strong tools: the MNB's macroprudential mandate
30/07/2014 Liquidity and funding Dávid György Csikós - Péter Szomorjai: The Basel III liquidity standards will come into force soon
28/05/2014 Lending Lóránt Baracsi - Gabriella Grosz - Péter Fáykiss: Central bank regulatory instruments can prevent excessive household indebtedness
20/04/2014 Liquidity and funding Péter Fáykiss: The bank is a "dangerous business" - Why is it necessary to regulate bank liquidity?
07/04/2014 Banking union Anikó Szombati: Banking union - what do we see from the coastline?